I Knew You Were The One – Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)

I Knew You Were The One - Tiffany Alvord (Official Music Video)(video) \ My new album LEGACY is finally here!!! – Pre-order NOW! Thanks for the love & support!! 🙂 I had so much fun filming this video. The whole concept was just happiness,…

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  • rainbelle99 says:

    Wonderful video! 

  • MissMoMusic64 says:

    this music video made me smile =)

  • Plethrons says:

    Your makeup looks nice in this one 😉 Cool video btw, so alive and

  • LiPe VoLcOm says:

    Who is taking care of the salvation mountain now that Leonard is dead? 

  • BeautyLiciousInsider says:

    You’re so cute oh my gosh 🙈🙈 loved this!

  • Florian B says:

    So amazing as always ! Guys please check out some of my covers

  • Jaimie Gleitz says:

    Well, she’s very talented and all and I like some of her covers but this
    song really isn’t incredible. The lyrics are very simple and there’s to
    much “ta-ta-ta” for them to count much. I’m kinda bored when I hear a song
    like this, cuz’ it just isn’t catchy nor interesting in any point. Now
    please don’t hate on my comment and please respect my opinion as I respect

  • MyLifeAsLisaa says:

    that video was so cute loved it!
    1:10 is that Adorian? ♥

  • TiffanyAlvord says:

    Hope you guys are enjoying the new video!! :)

  • Adorian Deck says:

    That dude at 1:11 looks like he’s having a good time 

  • Kim Nguyen says:

    I love this so much! It makes me feel so happy and upbeat, you did a great
    job Tiffany! =) <3

  • Kim K says:

    Is it me or is the song in some parts just a little too low for her? I
    really like the clip but the song.. naah.. But your covers are reallyyy

  • NARUTO5195 says:

    Had A Really Bad Today, Sadly This Song Isn’t Doing It For Me. 🙁
    Still Bummed.
    I Need You Tiffany. I Miss You. It’s Been 475 Days Since I Saw You Last, In
    Come To Rhode Island!
    Skype With Me Again.
    Please Give Me A Job Working For You. You Know No One Will Work Harder For
    You Than Your #1 Rhode Islander! I Hate Where My Life’s At Right Now.
    Nothing’s Going Right For Me Anymore.
    I’m Losing My Home, My Family’s Falling Apart, All My Friend’s Have
    Deserted Me, As Did My Girlfriend.
    I Can’t Even Get Into A Good School Now Because The One I Was Forced Into
    Screwed Me Up Causing My Grades To Drop, Now I Have To Take Literally One
    Class A Semester Or A Year.
    I’m Sorry For Posting This Hear. I Know Your Videos Are Supposed To Be All
    Happy And That Comments Should Support That, But I’m Just Lost Right Now
    And Need To Be Saved. I’m In Pain.
    Please, Just Help Me Tiffany. I Need You. I Miss You. Save Me From This
    Please, Help Me, Tiffany. Help Me. :(

  • Ellie Goulding says:

    nice poppy song

  • MinniHowl says:

    This is great! I love how you’ve included a lot of different kinds of love
    and happiness in this. It’s something new to the taste, it shows that love
    is in everyone and for everyone old, young, dead, alive, and not just
    people, but in simple things that surround you on a daily basis, a gesture,
    a jump.. anything! It’s beautiful and it gives a deeper message than a lot
    of other music videos out there do not.
    Along with the song this video is a pure joy to watch! It touches my heart

    And, Sm:)e! :)

  • Julia Ottoni says:

    I’m in love with this song 💙

  • SaphiraFashion says:


  • PaigeChloe HylandLukasiak says:

    All I do is sm:)le when I watch this video :)

  • Isi Lay says:

    Love from Germany ❤️ Love this song 

  • Paul P says:

    something katty perry would do

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