Guthrie Govan demos his new Charvel prototype for Guitarist magazine

Guthrie Govan demos his new Charvel prototype for Guitarist magazine(video) \ In this age of production-line rock stars, there’s something really great about meeting a guitarist who defies easy classification. One thing Guthrie Govan i…

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  • Zach Berse says:

    natural harmonics and a pull on the whammy. check out mattias eklundh. he is the master of natural harmonics. checl out his lesson on dissonance. it will blow u away

  • paulsenification says:

    4:37 aMaZiNg!

  • sleeper1929 says:

    The guitar body makes a difference to the sound of the strings as they resonate together. It’s subtle but it’s there.

  • Brandon Spendlove says:

    5:06 “More of a…. You know…..” xD

  • EmperorofCartoons says:

    Actually I been playing them and setting them up for quite a while. And I once thought like you do as well, I think everyone does. The whole guitar industry feeds you that shit so its real easy to believe it.

    I direct you to the videos on the subject by Scott Grove. Real eye openers on how electric guitars and pickups actually work.

  • TheAgentAssassin says:

    opens wallet

  • BigAndouille says:

    I suppose we could argue all day long, you’re quite obviously a troll, and wrong.

    Guitarists are certainly susceptible to hype and regurgitating what they’ve heard, but there’s no reason to discount me as that, as i do my own homework. I don’t subscribe to what other guitar players think they hear. I open my ears and listen for myself.

  • chemo86 says:

    I am wondering about that as well. Suhr are such incredible guitars and he seemed SO pleased with his signature. When did he switch, I imagine quite recently?

  • Bruno Tavares says:

    don`t like the sound of guitar. But he play is amazing, and any guitar will sound good with him. Just my poor opinion.

  • tMattLZ says:

    Yeah, I’m sure you’re right and Guthrie, and many many other legends are wrong. I’m sure if you made a guitar out of hardened cotton candy the material would have no effect on the tone.

  • BigAndouille says:

    Guitars make a big difference, but guys like guthrie or other players that have super distinctive styles and amazing technique will in fact sound like themselves and sound GOOD on even the cheapest of gear.

  • Tim Hispanic says:

    I think it sounds way better! I love the “hillbilly rock” sound anyway! 🙂

  • metalalvich says:

    this guitar will definitely be more accesible than his surh model

  • Zach Berse says:

    it does NOT sound better than his suhr. Different… tinnier….

  • Azrael Arcangel says:

    The whole guitar body resonates and strings in turn resonate with it. You do not seem to have been near an electric guitar in your life.

  • 118Huntervasser says:

    That guitar gives me wood

  • Peter Darling says:

    Holy shit!! you know guitar!!.. AND you are English!!!!!! oh Wow I am so humble.

  • EmperorofCartoons says:

    Of course they will, without plugging them in. Once they are plugged in though, its a different story. The magnetic pickups are not going to pick up the vibration of the guitar body, only the guitar strings. And I did say it would take all the hardware being the same. The guitar body just does not make a difference once the thing is plugged in.

  • BigAndouille says:

    When you strum a guitar without plugging it in, you are not hearing the body, you are hearing the strings. The body and neck material affect the harmonics and such that come from THE STRING which is what the pickup picks up and transmits. You are completely discounting the largest piece of the guitar with no real reason to, aside from someone told you. The neck especially, the thickness, the material, all affect how the string is going to ring.

  • 1m2a3t4t5 says:

    WHAT THE FUCK were those harmonics how?

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