Final Fantasy VI: The Dream Oath Opera – Maria and Draco

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======================== proudly presents the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III on the SNES), upscaled and re-animated in 1080p and 16:9 aspect ratio, set to an orchestral performance of the composition. Credits: Composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu Written by Yoshinori Kitase & Nobuo Uematsu Performed by The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Sung by Emma Wetter, Fredrik Strid, and Johan Schinkler Conducted by Arnie Roth From the game by Squaresoft/Square-Enix Sprite work, minor rewrites, animation, and video by Eliot Hagen From the album, ‘Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy,’ by AWR Music. Note: The reason that Ultros never drops onto the stage is because, in the game, the opera is ended when your party and Ultros fight and Setzer comes to kidnap Maria (Celes). In the game, Draco & Ralse never duel and Maria & Draco never sing the final verse. This video is of the complete opera.

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  • hardy83 says:

    This scene was the scene that made me realize video games are the future of entertainment.
    I’ve played Mario and Metroid and racing games and other RPGs, but when I played through FFIII (VI) and got to this scene it blew my mind.

  • mineofGod says:

    This was the first video game I ever played, when I was a toddler. When I learned to write, I remember writing down the lyrics to this song and singing it to myself, pretending I had a knight to sing it with.

    Oh, this brings back wonderful memories. 🙂

  • mineofGod says:

    @UltraBibendum The music is from the Philharmonic Orchestra. I saw this exact song performed live, and bought the CD. Nobuo Uematsu was there himself. The scene was edited, but only to fit this version of the song.

    Nothing fake about it.

  • samtheparker says:

    Ooh, I’ve been collecting VI music arrangements; never heared this recording of the dream oath before, thanks.

    Good job on the sync, must have taken you a while. You could try doing the opening theme from the Grand Finale album next.

  • TeancumElite says:

    I don’t exactly like how they changed the versus. Nor do I like the added dialogue with Ralse.

    Still, the singing and music was amazing. I can disagree with the lyrics, but I appreciate the spirit.

  • clifjayshafer says:

    Is the actual ‘in game’ title of the opera call The Dream Oath??? I didn’t catch the name of it while playing through the game…

  • Neogin says:

    1 person likes VII better.

  • 75thTrombone says:

    @TeancumElite These lyrics are far, far better than in the original SNES version, which neither rhyme nor match up with the pitches played.

  • Eamon says:

    This was so epic. That’s it! We need an FFVI 3DS remake NOW!

  • TeancumElite says:


    Read my post again and realize what I’m talking about.

    It isn’t the change I am opposed to. It’s what it’s been changed into.

  • brinmat says:

    @Eamon I have no doubt that Squenix will make it. I just think we’re going to have to wait and that they’ll do an FFV remake first.

  • RinoaShadow says:

    *bursts into tears* BEAUTIFUL

  • OctoberBlues89 says:

    I was looking for this, I played FF6 2 years ago and loved this song I never new it was actually sung though ._. its amazing!

  • sickeydrat says:

    This is amazing this has got to be in my opinion the BEST Final Fantasy of the lot.To have people actually sing the parts and real orchestrated music makes me wish they would remake this in New Gen graphics.Younger players will say hell no ff7 and up rocks and so on but I love everything this game was and stood for.Best soundtrack period.

  • keikoandgilly says:

    Final Fantasy is the best series to bring music like this.
    Hence aside from the first, 4th, 7th, and 9th installment, 6 is one of my favorite picks because of the opera scene (and kefka and tina bradford but you get my point XD).

  • Ecalyptus90 says:

    THE ROYAL STOCKHOLM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA!? Sweden ftw! 😀 I KNEW there was something we were bound to do good finally!

  • mogthegnome says:

    One of the most powerful songs of my youth was this opera. It always bothered me I could never clearly make out the words, with how compelling the rest of it was.

    This… this was simply epic.

  • Kujakuseki01 says:

    @CakeBuffet Absolutely true. None of the other entries series come close to living up to the bar this game set.

  • levele304 says:

    How epic would a FF6 Broadway Show be

  • parnash says:

    1 Word. 2 Syllables.

    AWESOME. 😀
    I have to stop myself from singing along, it’s so awesome… But. I have to add this, to keep it true to the game.

    ‘Gah! It’ll take me at least 5 minutes!’

  • thewolflord94 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Christopher Lee should play Ralse in a real-life version of this opera?

  • stino22 says:

    @Darklurkr see the description

  • PinkCloudo says:

    I love the part were draco and ralse sing together woah goosebumps

  • nikoloi123 says:


  • Bluelightning110188 says:

    @levele304 I lol’d quite heartily, good sir. It would be quite epic, indeed.

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