EXID _ Every night (매일밤) [4PLUS1 Cover] Music Video With Lyrics

EXID _ Every night (매일밤) [4PLUS1 Cover] Music Video With Lyrics(video) \ Exid_Every Night (매일밤) 4PLUS1 Official 11th Release, Music video with color coded lyrics and MP3 Download. 4PLUS1’s newest cover of the Exid song “Every Night”. This song ended up being a much bigger challenge for us vocally than we assumed. There were many harmonies, and some are probably not as complete as we normally are with our covers. However, a lot of time was still spent on this and we hope you guys enjoy it as much as our other releases. We hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did making it. Remember to Watch in HD and listen with nice quality earbuds for an enhanced viewing experience of this cover. Missed our last cover of the U-Kiss song “Stop Girl” ? Find that here: Lyrics: Color coded for each member in the video! HQ 320kbps MP3 Download: adf.ly Credit

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  • CapeCamillee says:

    Wowwww~ awesome!! ^__^

  • xKatiwa says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think of this release… People said i was too harsh so meh, i might just say what i liked ^^”
    Sammi is honestly my second bias after Mihn !!
    Daphne : Your high note at the end was so strong ! Me gustaaaa
    Will : Why no more parts for you ??? D:
    Also even if Mihn had a lot of parts, i thing DBH rap would have be great on LE parts ^^ Just would liked to hear it x)
    Anyway, it’s not that i disliked it just… something was missing :/

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