“Don’t You Worry Child” – Swedish House Mafia (Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider cover)

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  • Michele Doenges says:

    pretty sure it’s a child’s toy piano. 😀

  • TallViolaPlayer says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I know most of you probably pass up these kind of comments, but for those who are still reading this, thanks!

    I don’t have any money for advertisements, no chance of getting heard, nothing…

    If this comes off as spam, sorry.

    I have been playing viola for 10 years. I made a cover for this song for you guys to enjoy.

    Please give me the chance to prove myself to you.

    Please visit my channel, subscribe if you like and thumb this comment up, so everyone can see! Thnx

  • MrZ3rooooo says:


  • aneesjack says:

    Heyy Guyz !!

    We Are “Desi Paradise” ..New Group from a small Town !

    we are 3 Artists and we always Work TOGETHER ! 🙂

    we have posted our new song(english/french Mixed) on youtube..Can u Guyz plz Take 5mins of your life N type “Desi Paradise Give me five” on youtube .. N listen to our song n Comment if u liked it or Not 🙂

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  • matheeus felipe says:

    cover is good, but the original is the best!

  • mandyna96 says:

    Kurt please can I marry you?

  • Thaina Costa says:


  • MoreThanGenius says:

    Hey Guys! I am a dancer and choreographer! I just made a new dance video to this song ! Please watch dance video and subscribe!

  • Carter Doner says:

    Kurt is really good

  • FforfrAn says:

    you need to visit tomorrowland my friend =)

  • Jessica Martins says:

    I have one, and you can help me like this comment so everyone can see, watch my cover of don’t you worry child on my channel, and show it to other people , today you´re helping me , tomorrow you can be the one I might be helping too !

  • Pascal Souci says:

    This cover is the best but John Martin’s vocal is LEGEND…….

  • Micheal Cammalleri says:

    Chester see! See his cover way better but this is still pretty mental

  • HorsesandWolves1 says:


  • Pablo Buendia says:


  • 1212musicfreak says:

    i think the cover by noah is a little bit better..

  • Vishnupriya Gupta says:

    please watch :))

  • LoLFeVerry says:

    Well I wouldnt be in th bandwagon and agree, But lets just say, I would totally be in a dance mood, when listening to the original, and when Im listening to this, my mood would be calm, cool, and…melancholy? 😀 Hence, both is good.

  • anettabailey373 says:

    You sing very well, you have good looks, and can play a tiny piano. I wish I could just marry you good job

  • Scott Kingston says:

    This rocks!

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