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amazing performance of their show at paradiso 08

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  • passengeruk says:

    there not *emo* 🙂

  • Ocredin says:

    What’s your definition?
    I consider all of their songs to be very emotional ^_^

  • passengeruk says:

    i think because they were around at the time a lot of emo bands were making a name for themselves, and yea a lot of thier songs esp the older stuff are *emotional* they got stuck with the title. People will always classify bands into genres and everyones parameters for this are different..Ive read the band them selves just class themselves as a rock band . But whatever they are classed it dosent really matter as long as you enjoy the music : )

  • Ocredin says:

    Incredibly well put. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • mxpxboy says:


  • CooperLordOfAll says:

    i think they fall under awesome.

    just me

  • Stumoo says:

    it’s a different kind of emo – emotional but not just for the sake of it. Quality music.

  • upromiseu says:

    Emo stands for Emotional…this is really emotional music..not the “emo cutting stuff” there are different types of “emo”

  • therookie93 says:

    It depends…these guys aren’t part of the emo “scene” today despite the emotional music. It actually is good unlike the threadbare emo counterparts like ATL and FOB.

  • Flo0jo says:


  • solblos says:

    Emo or not, this is class!

  • santy573 says:

    What happened to the love we both knew?
    We both chased.

  • santy573 says:

    What happened to the love we both knew?
    We both chased.

  • zeroohero says:

    Amazing sound live!

  • suprnatrlluvr10 says:

    Wow! They’re really amazing live.

  • SHAZZAM123455 says:

    I went searching for the cure video and think i found a new band just because its an emotional song doesnt mean emo i mean look at Fade to black

  • Splintermetalgear says:

    @passengeruk Dude yeah they are emo, go google them and their impact on music, they are the first and official “emo” band and created the “emo” genera. Just because emo kids are gay and they tend to listen to this music doesn’t mean it’s not emo. The genera “emo” doesn’t mean whiny long haired fags who wear black clothes, genera “emo” means it makes emotional music, a lot of emotion is involved in the music, personal emotions and personal stories. That’s it, not whiney goth kids.

  • Splintermetalgear says:

    @blackops417 Yeah it is emo music, they created the emo genera. Emo genera doesn’t me, whiney long haired, bitch goth kids, it just means music and lyrics that have a lot of emotion or personal attachment or stories. It has nothing to do with the trend “Emo”.

  • Callan88 says:

    Jimmy Eat World are Emo. but not the bad Emo. The good one! not the awful “shopping mall emo” sound

  • mattydeschamps says:

    the cures disintegration is better

  • stiwo182 says:

    they are teachers of good music!
    Just listening

  • pandaeater9 says:

    man. those drums are haunting.

  • musicforchewfaygs says:

    @passengeruk because they did splits with jejune and christie front drive. dude, they WERE emo. they used to embrace emo, now they hate it yet still make it..or stuff similar to it. whatever you want to think, they were a big part of the emo scene when i was a kid. i remember it well.

  • passengeruk says:

    @musicforchewfaygs whaen i say “emo” in speechmarks i mean what my daughter who is 13 would say is emo not the stuff we may have listened to as teens

  • ThrivingDownfall says:

    jumped in the chorus a little early. But I love them. Shiveringly good song.

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