Craig Campbell – “Family Man” Official Music Video

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The Official music video for Craig Campbell’s hit song, “Family Man.”

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  • hoopbla101 says:

    everytime i listen to this song it puts tears in my eyes …cuz i live so far away from home and this just reminds me why i get up every morning and go to work…i miss my whole family soo much and just wish i could go home

  • 71justinbieberlover says:

    @hoopbla101 i dont mean this in a mean way im just asking y dont u go home?



  • hoopbla101 says:

    @71justinbieberlover no i understand …i would but i moved away thinking that would be the best thing for me and i sighned a contract at work saying i would stay for atleast 2 years soo i cant leave and im stuck here now and it kills me

  • Demolitionman10000 says:

    whos actress who plays the wife in the video

  • RIOTraizers09 says:

    Im gonna be a Family Man Someday!

  • robertsizemore says:

    Very Awesome song, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I went through all that 3 yrs ago, I did get the full time positions though, thank the Lord. I wear shoes out fast too, lol. Looking forward to the album, March 1st. My birthday is March 3, I’m willing to bet my wife will get it for me, along with a Ruger Super Redhawk, :):)

  • cowboyupsprincess says:

    i been a temp at a local factory for three months waiting to get hired in this songs fits me to.

  • 71justinbieberlover says:

    @hoopbla101 man that really sucks:*(

  • mamadea24 says:

    Loving me some Craig Campbell. Thanks Duke for turning me onto this.

  • Tauntish says:

    my man, to the T !!! <3 you Bear

  • Brad81188 says:

    i dedicate this song to my brother. he is the true meaning of a hard working family man.

  • horsefuture says:

    What an amazing song! This song is such a perfect country song! I hope Craig goes far in his career…. this song is a perfect start!

  • ExtraOrdinaryUs says:

    Just heard this on the radio yesterday…this is my husband to the T. I love you Tim! Thank you for being that hard working family man!

  • bvfcfirefighter says:

    Favorite song on radio

  • erie1979 says:

    Thank you for the song..Men really need to feel appreciated for what they do. Thank God for the family man!!!! This song speaks to a lot of peoples every day life. Thanks again for the beautiful inspiring song…oh the letter for his wife at the end was a good touch too. 😉

  • kawalujah says:

    My Father would work 14hr shifts 6 days a week. He still found the time to make all my games; even if he only had an hour lunch break. Thanks for the perfect song man!

  • kawalujah says:

    My Father would work 14hr shifts 6 days a week. He still found the time to make all my games; even if he only had an hour lunch break. Thanks for the perfect song man!

  • rpgvalentine81 says:

    Just want to say to my HUSBAND that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART thank you for being a Wonderful father and husband !!! I Thank God everyday that i have you!!!!! i almost lost you but you never gave up on me so thank you my love i will always be by your side i promise you that

  • pinkhotchoco says:

    This video deserves more views than the views Lady Gaga’s videos have all combined

  • sethlandyn5 says:

    are you really married? cause you are a good looking man and I LOVE your voice lucky woman

  • dreamteamrox says:

    i just heard this song fir the first time and absolutly fell in love with!! this is one of the best country songs in a while but i wish people would know about it!! chris is the next george strait! (:

  • jasfarrar says:

    One of the best ever….

  • ezd82morrow says:

    How many times does 17 go into 52???

    what does that line mean?

  • jcsherman12 says:

    this song is my dad’s new theme song. this is exactly my dad and the was he lives…

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