Cosmo Canyon (FFVII) – Violin – Taylor Davis (Live)

Cosmo Canyon (FFVII) - Violin - Taylor Davis (Live)(video) \ Check out my Pledge Music Campaign: Download this song in multiple formats here: Download on iTunes here: Please support my…

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  • Sams Elebash says:

    This is a fun video to watch, it brought an instant smile to my face and a
    lot of nostalgia from the days of your old live videos and of course from
    the old days of playing FFVII. Keep up the good work Taylor! You make the
    Davisians very proud.

  • HollowRiku - Moisés Nieto says:

    Glad you chose Cosmo Canyon, it’s one of my favourites from this album! (of
    course, it sounds incredible!) <3

  • Jackie Bell says:

    Wow!! That’s very impressive how you played it so fast!! I really, really
    liked it!! I send my love!!

  • AirbendingEagle says:

    Great job. This was one of my favourite themes from Final Fantasy VII. But
    then again Final Fantasy VII is on my top 5 favourite Final Fantasy games.

  • Joshua Barger says:

    I still haven’t played FFVII all the way. I got the first disc (not
    knowing that there was more than one) and finished that, but still haven’t
    bought disc 2.

    Great music! Great Musician!

  • Brandon Johns says:

    This is way to awesome. I’ve been listening to your CDs heaps and have no
    regrets whatsoever in buying them. :)

  • kelsey kelly says:

    That was amazing! I was sitting there in awe. It look like it was kinda
    hard, but the more u play it the Easier it gets but, was it hard to learn?
    But that was really good. 5 starts 

  • doubleJmag says:

    Such a perfect job! Love this and I love the Deku and Hylian shields 🙂
    Thanks for doing the live version!

  • Flegan777 says:

    You are spectacular. I’m sure Red XIII would howl and roar with gratitude
    in response. :D

  • Brittney Olsen says:

    Awesome! You truly hit the target with this one!!!🎯🎯🎯

  • Spider58x says:

    Finally a women that is actually good at something. lol

  • Caleb Sánchez says:

    I always do love your live performances. It’s good to have that mix of
    staged and right-now. Great job. I really like this one. =)

  • Nuno Morais says:

    It’s funny because I just beat FFVII for the first time a few hours ago xD

  • Claire Wang says:

    Ack! Your so good!

    Could you so Sad Romance/Violin? It’s really beautiful with piano too.

  • MANISH says:

    Isn’t this the second time you’re playing this song? Fantastic both times
    iirc! :]

  • Whitney Henderson says:

    This is another great piece of work. I still love how you put yourself into
    the music when you play. Please keep it up!!

  • Victor Valle says:

    Wow. Hey Taylor just wanna let you know that your playing is my inspiration
    to continue with my violin lessons.
    Im picking it up fast. Only sight reading is really for me.
    I hope to be as good as you some day..
    Maybe ill do videos and dress.up too. Jklol

  • Clara Borges says:

    I swear this week I was wondering if you’d ever remake one of your old
    covers! Gee, you’re awesome!!!!

  • Alejandro Alvarez says:

    I love it this song! Nice job as always Taylor. Besides I love the final
    fantasy series!

  • JoLâ„¢ says:

    FF7 lots of the best soundtrack in video game history!…love the violin!

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