Chris Cornell – You Know My Name (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Casino Royale soundtrack

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  • houseofm88 says:

    props to cornell making a song that captures the swagger that every james bond theme should have

  • LeBigMoneyShow says:

    Wow, the last 10 seconds of this tune gives me the chills every time!

    Damn good song.

  • Gaara2552 says:


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  • marmaduke731 says:

    @Suport7000 not happening soon as bond 23 is officialy canceled

  • ResistanceisFutile00 says:

    Thank god! Seeing as Quantum of Solace was a diamond dick that went floppy before the performance. Casino Royale is ultimate bond, including theme tune and story, what the hell happened to quantum?

  • TheSkatability says:

    fucking awesome song, love it!!!

  • jeffflugust says:

    the most perfect song from the most perfect soundtrack from the most perfect movie ever

  • MissusFingerBottom says:

    Chris Cornell MADE this song. His amazingly sexy voice, and the song itself is very james’s hot! The opening credits of this song really got me glued to the big screen.. his voice is very hypnotic. He’s hotter than James Bond! 😉

  • chuckyvee70 says:

    Reports are suggesting that Bond 23 is back—somewhere an Hallelujah chorus is singing…

  • EuphrasieF says:


    Last I heard (via Entertainment magazine a few weeks back), another movie is not “officially canceled” but on hold.

  • Douw29 says:

    Possible Shitstorm incommin’ =

    Hasn’t Poets of the fall’s cover of this song has more hits than this one?

    I prefere the poets rendition of this song BUT none the less, i really respect Chris’ lyricle writing and rock style, no doubt what so ever!

    I think i made my point… Was there a point? I forget

  • limrome says:

    MLIA has been here. peace

  • gr13v0u5 says:

    I could listen to this song a hundred times over and not get bored of it.

  • mikexhotmailcom says:

    The Quantum was provided us a full scale of bond spy world. So things seem to be all over the place. We get used to bond’s operation but quantum is a lot bigger and in quatum bond is just part of the big picture. The badest thing in Quamtum are those jump between each scene.

  • hamsterdance4lyf08 says:

    This is such a great soundtract for Bond, well wote and the voice.. yum! 😛

  • TheShadowOfNobody says:

    I’ve gotta say… this video is surprisingly good quality for the fact it’s 360p.

  • JiynxRock says:

    Probably of the most epic openings to a song ever!

  • ny5280 says:

    @JiynxRock Right on!!!

  • TheNica99 says:

    @hamsterdance4lyf08 lol

  • TheNica99 says:

    @JiynxRock i agree

  • EikichiOnizuka77 says:

    best 007 movie ever, great song.

  • MarcusBroddy says:

    Best song, best Bond movie EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • OfcSlayerFtw says:

    Bond has 5 new missions… 🙂

  • chpthncook37 says:

    niceee . in this video and audio. his overdrive is turned on. and on the reguular version is just acoustic . idkkk

  • humanoidcontent says:

    I love how edgy and raw this song is, but it still has the horn section like the old times. Definitely the best bond song since GoldenEye.

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