Childish Gambino – Freaks And Geeks (Official Music Video)

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Follow Childish Gambino on Twitter! Childish’s blog: Track List For His EP 1. Be Alone 2. Freaks and Geeks 3. My Shine 4. Lights Turned On 5. Not Going Back Lyrics Gambino is a mastermind, Fuck a bitch to pass the time Mass Appeal, orange rind Smoke yo green I’m spending mine The beat is witches brew, but beware this shit is potent Ee Cumming’s on her face, now that’s poetry in motion Yeah, Gambino make it work, I’m the boss move something Yeah, This cool fucking suit me, the swag two button These girls be acting crazy when they’re dancing, Black Swan I ain’t fucking at the club, put your clothes back on This beat is a disaster, 9/11 this track Rappers wanna battle me, I have to mail their heads back And my clique make that dinero, so its time to meet the fockers I am running this bitch, you are dog walker Leaving with yo girl when we last seen each other You fucking with the baddest like we tag team Rihanna Fly girl on her knees, she don’t want to come near me My dick is too big, there’s a big bang theory Got her picture in my iPhone, what do y’all think? While y’all niggas masturbate, I’m in that Ariel Pink If I am just a rapper, man, you could’ve fooled me I’m the shit, when these dudes talk, they talking bull me I’m down with the black girls of every single culture Filipino, Armenian girls on my sofa Yeah I like the white girls, some times we get together Need a thick chick, so it’s black and yellow black and yellow Love is a trip

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