Chicago- Terry Kath- “Uptown” (1977)

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A late 70’s Chicago classic. Written, sung & performed by the master… Terry Kath. The world lost him 11 months after this performance. We can only imagine how much amazing music was left in this man. If this is any indication in the direction he was going, we were gonna be in for a treat. Enjoy!… and never forget Terry Kath.

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  • donnyjayw says:

    Terry was amazing!!!!

  • leftfootlouie says:

    The man was just plain beautiful!His voice ,his guitar his jerseys the killer hat.,Everything other guitarplayers should want to be!!!!

  • stringrip says:

    Wolfgangsvault website has an audio recording of Chicago Transit Authority playing Fillmore West in 1969 . Terry Kath plays some free form guitar on the long suite – Liberation.

  • mattygeetarross says:

    OUCH!! That stings!!

  • phantomxr says:

    yes ChicagoKid1969,the Master indeed,his work on 25 or 6 to 4 has yet to be equaled let alone surpassed, despite the Bonnamassa bores and musos of that ilk, they are but Kerrang!! reading Morons.!!

  • tornmask says:

    TERRY KATH: is & will always be the very BEST Guitar Player in the “WORLD” before anyone else, nothing more said ! ! ! x0|

  • rucb1alum says:

    Can’t agree with you, baftoh. In fact, I think you’ve got it backward. Terry’s death only accelerated a trend that the band –and pop music in the 70’s — was already on.

    Look at the Top Hits from the last five albums with Terry.
    CVI – Feeling Stronger Every
    CVII-Searching for So Long
    CVIII – Old Days – You guys wanna hear something stupendous, check out ‘Thank you, Great Spirit’ on CVIII! (cont.)

  • rucb1alum says:

    CX -If You Leave Me Now
    CXI -Baby, What a Big Surprise.

    On my harsher days, I think Terry’s death was the result, not the cause, of the band’s blandification.

    They are still great musicians with some great songs but nothing ever moved me the way Terry’s playing does. Is there a petition to get Terry (if not the whole band) in the Hall of Fame? Where do I sign?

  • edl868 says:

    when he left, the band’s soul went with him….

  • rucb1alum says:

    Before the song opens…

    Danny says “Another break for the horn section…Lazy muthahs…I’ll cut your pay…(after wiping his face with it) Need a towel? Anybody need a towel?

  • mtyemti says:

    Agreed Terry’s death caused Chicago to lose all feeling, Soul, and Drive. Peter Cetera got greedy and wanted all creative control. That did not sit well with Bobby, Danny, and James.

  • drebatista says:

    I know for a fact that many MANY people don;t know the REAL chicago because of the ” Cetera effect “.. That’s just a SHAME!

  • 82pjs says:

    One of my buddies says Clapton was the best ever, now I can prove him wrong!

  • brokeandhungryxx says:

    well he was a superb guitar player, but the best in the world???.I hope you have heard all the guitar players in the world, to say that.Sounds a bit like Hendrix sometimes

  • marmont48 says:

    Thank you Jamie for this MASTER piece of the MASTER!

  • pmolloy4 says:

    God I miss him.

  • kathlammpankow says:

    Woooooha! Woooooha! Yeah! Yeah!
    Nothing left but scream looking at this vid!
    Maybe the best Terry’s live performance I’ve seen! Simply Magic!

  • MrAudiophilePhil says:

    Terry Kath smokes Stevie Ray Vaughan not only in guitar playing but also in vocals.

    Truly an unsung hero!

  • industrialsun says:

    TK holds a unique place in music history because he was one of the most gifted rock guitarists of all-time and NOBODY KNOWS THIS which makes no sense considering he was in one of the most popular bands in the wrold, died tragically young in a senseless yet famous accident, and has a fairly large body of work out there for young players to discover. Guess they cannot relate to a band with a horn section.

  • scoutee39 says:

    welcome back chicagokid! this is a great live performance of a great terry kath composition.

  • tcchamp76 says:

    Forgot how great these guys were back in the day. As far as Terry not getting his due for being one of the greats…There wasn’t enough room in this band for someone of Terry’s talent. Whenever they lost the horns such as this song there was room for Terry to take over. When you think Chicago, you think horns, which is unfortunate in Terry’s case. Pluss Cetera was quickly turning this great band into a pop driven ballad band. No secret Terry wasn’t happy with the direction….

  • jjaywill says:


  • HRHSheeba says:

    This is justt too fabulous. Love his hockey jerseys. I love his voice, He just looks like he could’ve been so much fun but these are the people who have an adge to them as well so Thank you Terry for your fabulous music and for those who enabled him to entertain us. I truly love this man and his talent.

  • ChicagoKid1969 says:

    @HRHSheeba That was a fabulous comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • diamondbackseye says:

    Terry Kath…wow man, just a great player! I love the bass line behind him as he solos- there is a hint of Hendrix’s Dolly Dagger in it. I think that had Hendrix lived, he might have put together a band like Chicago, just imagine…

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