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Suddenly is the new music video from the Grammy®-nominated album These Hopeful Machines. Directed by Bobby Montero, this video featuring BT on vocals and Blake Lewis on drums, is the lead-in for an unprecidented video contest that will launch very soon. Suddenly was written and composed by BT and Christian Burns. Check out for more info about BT and the upcoming contest.

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  • brannimikal says:

    such a beautiful voice.

  • powerrangers1975 says:

    damn nice song and video!!

  • CharlieNorth says:

    Love the song, and quite like the re-edit. Makes sense if you’re going for a radio friendly mix. However, the video is a bit of a visual mess, very cliched too. I would have preferred something different, to reflect his amazing music. BT is the best, and he deserves a video that reflects that fact. But that’s just me. 😉

  • ItsEvilizabeth says:

    Wow Sent here by Blake Lewis, I was blown away, I really like this! Very cool song.

  • pwnsomenoob says:

    kind of wish that BT would get a haircut…

  • nrpexperience says:

    SO SO SO GOOD BT ! always perfection …. 😀

  • TheOrangeDNB says:

    0:23 – Пидаааааарасняяяя! Его просто в жопу отъебали ВНЕЗАПНО, вот он и запищал так)) Или он яйцами пёзднулся © Этот бити – злоебучая педиковатая мартышка, всем кому нравится те пидары ебаные. Ёбааааный педииииик, ёбаный педиииик, пидарааааасняяяяя! (напеваю). 0:45 – сидит лысого гоняет))

  • vin10doh says:

    @Waffuru really is Christian Burns that sings this song

  • mrDJPhoniX says:

    @vin10doh He sings on several tracks but not this one. Trust me, I know!


    @ForceCommander718 He did do a Video for Loving you More, it’s on Youtube somewhere

  • Ameliex1990 says:

    im in love! its official!!!!! “love comes again” with him….
    i really really love his voice…
    kisses for you BT, my darling.

  • PulsePier says:


  • Infectedmushroomz says:

    Got my favorite kinda blips in there.
    Just too good.

  • SLSinOZ says:

    Love this song – BT’s so talented!

  • coreystuart says:

    LaRoux’s “Bulletproof” was the only song worth a shit on their album, yet BT’s “These Hopeful Machines” had one great song after another. LaRoux got the Grammy. Proof the music industry IS fucked. Bastards!!!

  • Zourpatch18 says:

    This is awesome. BT is so amazing!!! 🙂

  • MarinLucian0591 says:

    Greetings from Romania. Good Job

  • yomomz31 says:

    Luv thiz song and tha girl playin tha guitar iz hot az fuk!

  • JoseDisturbed says:

    the guys from celldweller, blue stahli, and BT all went to the same hairdresser

  • vin10doh says:

    @mrDJPhoniX oh i know he sings his songs im just saying that this one christian burns sings this

  • rizziaski19 says:

    in love with this song.

  • WildCat2002Russ says:

    @kittikitteh Thanks! Someone out there shares in my confusion. I really like BT, but if he is going mainstream on me, I might have a change of heart. His singing and acting in this video is poor. He acts like he is DJing and makes DJing motions while he performs in the video. I want the old BT back. If your going to educate me on BT history at least list some sources, so I can go read about his choice to abandon the “DJ” label.

  • meltheofcgamergirl says:

    This song give me chills. 😉

  • ImOnlyInItForTheBeer says:

    BT is one of the greatest musicians and THE greatest electronic music producer of our time, amazing video.

  • mrDJPhoniX says:

    @vin10doh I have visited Wikipedia and several other sites to confirm this (although me being a DIE-hard fan I didn’t have to).. Christian Burns provides “background vocals” on this track. This is BT singing. Compare it to other songs they sing and you can tell an obvious difference. They BOTH sing on this, BT sings the lead with Christian Burns providing background vocals. Look on the “personnel” section of the Wikipedia page for “These Hopeful Machines” and you will see 🙂

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