Bruno Mars – Liquor Store Blues Feat. Damian Marley [Official Music Video]

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  • madsahti says:

    Murdering the replay button! Love the riddim!

  • amithsx4 says:

    Murdering the reply Button!!!!!! Absolutely….

  • crazyg9207 says:

    damn ! his dreads are long as hell ~

  • nadiashannon15 says:

    @sanjosegal just go away. KThanks.

  • bigchingon10 says:

    his hair is fucking long damn!!!!!

  • spritgirl11 says:

    @allenbronye first pocodot now pocoface wtf really? Those fricken people are gettin desperate….

  • MyWorld867 says:


  • ibinhaa says:

    muito boa

  • DshankumMusic says:

    I’m a British Acoustic Mc’ee
    My raps use guitar as the melody and instrumental

  • UnemoAshleykis says:

    Didn’t this have like 11 million views ? O_o
    Anyway Bruno Looks really cute in this vid 😀

  • ZowieEllan says:

    best song ive heard in awhile!

  • akihigashi1 says:

    WHEW! its my .. perfect song ,,hmmm… !!! Saw this on your’ fanpage people who say that other artists rip off some song it doesnt mean that theyre fake, ripoff of anything… they just generated some of the ideas/melodies from other songs, think about it how do you think music/songs were generated/evolved over time by taking the original songs and generating it into your idea no one artist can admit that they thought of a melody all on their own? complet

  • magicgimik020111 says:

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  • clarkkelly43 says:

    This is one of? my fave songs that I added on my page. It shows his ability skills and is heavily emotional. It’s a perfect ballad. The classy backgruond and harmony are good? well pitched, offering ample space to work in some vocal acrobatics. I read inher- POKOWOT that one review said that from the dramatic and poignant delivery of the sad lyrics to the brilliant use of pace and dynamics, the song takes everything you love about them …this video rocks , on ..POKOWOT.COM

  • fetichepinup says:

    wahouwwwwwwww is very good song!!!!
    i love this song is very beautiful <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • jrgong94 says:

    fuckin sweat song it reminds me of a sublime tune

  • loganh96 says:

    aww hes soo cuteee

  • NatalieTheCritic says:

    How do his dreads not weigh down his head??

  • smolfyah says:

    Mars & Gong……pure magic!!!!!!!

  • AdanBerger97 says:

    Grab the audio from this track at soundnabber doht cohm.

  • drjhospital says:

    Perfect 420 song.. 😀

  • 102102brad says:

    Reminds me of Bob marley soooooo much.

  • aGirl465 says:

    at first i though him as just some over-commercialized(sp?) singer.. people giving him to much credit. BUT the more I listen to him the more I’m really liking his singing and music!:)

  • MrScootzy says:

    does anyone notice how damien marley has like hair down to his ankles?

  • Ms17Jerica says:

    ok for this time…

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