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UK/Ireland Tour May Mailing List (sign up for first ticket announcements and other updates) iTunes: Amazon: Boyce Avenue’s official music video for the original song “Hear Me Now,” from the album “All We Have Left,” available everywhere online. Hey everybody. This video is a compilation of footage from several of our recent tours from all over the world. We can’t believe that a mere few years after first posting YouTube videos, we’re getting to play for all of you in some of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the world. Thanks for supporting us on this crazy adventure. You’ve all made our dreams come true. And as long as you’ll keep having us we’ll keep making music and touring. We can’t wait to see even more of you in the years to come!!! Audio: Music & Lyrics by Alejandro Manzano Mixed by Austin Deptula Mastered by Adam Barber Produced by Boyce Avenue Video: Produced & Directed by Daniel Manzano & Alejandro Manzano Editing/Coloring/Additional Filming by Owen LeVelle Facebook Twitter YouTube (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) Official Site

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  • richyp94 says:

    gonna see them tomorrow.. 😀 :O aaaaaaaaaaaah

  • 9babygurl0 says:

    you guys are brilliant! here’s another recommendation for you guys “Corner Of The Earth” By Jamiroquai. I think you guys would have fun with that one 🙂

  • wolfmannn2008 says:

    Not the most watched band on youtube as you said:

    Name:Linkin Park
    Channel Views:20,315,301
    Total Upload Views:543,151,293

    It has double of your views, but you are still great.

  • TheEpicAvenger says:

    They are saying that they are the most watched band that started in youtube unlike linkin park that didn’t start their band by sharing their videos in youtube.

  • ashleynhengorinos says:

    i loved all your songs and i have one request for my brother’s wedding… could you also please make a version of the song “perfect two ” by auburn please… ill be w8in for it wedding is on july 17 2011… pls… thank you so much in advance and more power…

  • legenddarcy says:

    I will be seeing these guy’s live tomorrow in Dublin wooooooooooooo cant wait being waiting a year for it……….

  • DragonDriver says:

    Be there tomorrow ! With my girlfriend ! Could you give us a shout out to my girlfriend cause i will be leaving next week without her ! 😛 but u dont have to just wondering if you could . You guys are great ! Kai x Kerry

  • Nicemuybel1 says:

    Tem bazucas neste show mêu . Eu vi a nossa bandeira lá !! Que inveja queria muito assistir um show deles.

  • OnADarkStar says:

    AHHHH the song that started it all for me and BA…….does this mean that they’re releasing the song as a single?

  • dhruv689 says:

    you guys have come so far!

  • JessiePennick says:

    @hdeg10 or Set fire to the rain 🙂 another amazing song!

  • 10fame254 says:

    . . . & over & over!

  • Elexr says:


    Please guys,do this song!!!!!

  • votegash says:

    Dublin last night!!! one word >>> AMAZING!!! big thumbz up 🙂

  • lulalu2008 says:

    Last night was amazing, Please come back to Dublin ASAP!! <3

  • VivaLaShakes says:

    Last night in dublin was amazing

  • TheHayca says:

    Eu vi a bandeira do Brasil,boa representação!!!

  • mariehansler says:

    These guys have TRUE talent; not like Lady Kaka or all the other wanna-be’s!!!

  • rossoconnor1005 says:

    was at your show in Dublin and met ye!!! ye are really sound and did everything for your fans….cant wait for your return!

  • NathanBenHorgan says:

    Guys, saw ye in Dublin last night.. What a gig! All the best 🙂

  • XxctfxcFTWxX says:

    @mariehansler bitch, lady gaga has talent! But this is a different type of music than hers. so just if you dont like lady gaga’s type of music and just because YOU dont like her, doesnt mean she is a wanna be. i think this band is TERRIBLE but they arent wanna bes!

  • Wifeykitty says:

    Boyce Avenue, you should do a collaboration with Maddi Jane and sing Rolling in the Deep by Adele with her. 🙂 If you don’t collab with Maddi Jane I wish you’d at least cover Rolling in the Deep on your own! Please!

  • Wifeykitty says:


  • thatgirlnikita says:

    i love that youtube allows real talent make it in the industry. i hope these guys only get bigger and better!

  • thatgirlnikita says:

    @mariehansler lady kaka. LOL.

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