Bjork – All Is Full Of Love (amazing live performance)

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Bjork live in New York – All is Full Of Love

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  • elbuhobjork123456789 says:

    porke la insistencia en comparar a Lady Gagga con Björk??? son 2 cantantes muy diferentes!!! obvio k Björk es superior!!! 😀

  • TheEnchanteds says:

    Bjork, you are beautiful and so strange too 🙂
    I have listened to this song for years, it`s amazing.
    You can hold a note alright

  • pierrejeanes says:

    this song is just great !! love this woman. ok bjork please do more concerts if possible come to japan many people are waiting for you including me..thank you for your beatiful voice !!!

  • alecutesmile says:

    @elbuhobjork123456789 por fin alguien que piensa igual que yo

  • spacedogpie says:

    @drkaxel123456 I also call that “lady” Lady Caca and I’m not Mexican. What a racist thing to say.  

  • apocolyptika says:

    I was in the crowd for this performance and it was so amazing. She sounds exactly like her records when singing live.

  • Wuzi64 says:

    Who -to hell- made the performens ???? Björk Idea alone. Show so many Things -She is The HAED of all??????? Awesome realy

  • westend4ever says:

    björk is an amazing artist. this is real music, this is the way music’s supposed to be. there are not many pepole in this world being able to create this. she’s a genius!

  • ChrisMagoo99 says:

    hmm…I wasn’t too crazy about the arrangement at first…but it’s starting to grow on me. I really like this, but I still prefer the original

  • ChrisMagoo99 says:

    and…she’s very sexy in this video

    this is uncomfortable, lol. I’m used to her innocent, girlish nature…

  • thefuckinfish says:

    she is not from earth

  • ChrisMagoo99 says:

    that’s a great edit you did on that one note, though

  • DOOKITdookit says:

    noooooooooo… she doesn’t look cute and asian anymore v_v

  • jggraphx says:

    WOW!!!! just WOW!!!!

  • MissEllenRose says:

    Seriously gave me the chills the entire time

  • Stenheart says:

    what a long note ! I LOVE BJÖRK

  • PDS444 says:

    You know what makes me sad?
    I was told by a friend that Bjork is just another copy of Lady Gaga.

    I feel stupid for even bringing that up. But the fact the people can’t see the talents of Bjork.
    I just don’t understand.I really don’t.

  • poder80 says:

    @PDS444 Bjork was creating wonders way before lady gaga and not taking any thing away from here but Bjork allso was better then lady gaga ever will be if you ask me. A mind blowing genius to say the least

  • rimdog379 says:

    My soul rises to the sky @ 2:15. I have never felt that before, at least not like this.

  • FeTaJaPell67 says:

    @PDS444 You should’ve smacked that friend. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  • PDS444 says:

    @FeTaJaPell67 I did more than smacking. I was enraged! They weren’t really a friend but more of an acquaintance, so the abuse was overwhelmingly violent. But it’s good to know that you would have smacked them too HA!

  • FeTaJaPell67 says:

    @PDS444 Yeah, it’s so annoying when people just blurt stuff like that out without even thinking about it. It’s like they forget that Bjork’s most recent album (except for Voltaic, but that was only a concert album) was from 2007 which is clearly pre-Gaga.

  • 2007SKOO says:

    @chevpowr The note at 2:30 is has been edited. the poster has made it about twice as long as it really was. If you look carefully you can see the video is slowed at that point and the note is extended. you can see the real version also on you tube.

  • defmouse14 says:

    best performance ive seen of this song. she should hold that note more often lol

  • Lys666 says:

    ——- OMG 1.43 ——– not of this world

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