BFMV | MUSIC VIDEO | TEARS DON'T FALL(video) \ A MUSIC VIDEO OF TEARS DON’T FALL BY BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE (BFMV)! NOTICE: This video was originally on the user Angas55. Angas55 is my old user account. DarkMusicVideos is my new You[Tube] account. I transferred all my old videos from my account Angas55 to my account DarkMusicVideos. That is why it says Angas55 in the video. (Original Upload Time: *Not Yet Determined*) Disclaimer: I do not own the music in my video. This song belongs to “Bullet For My Valentine”. I have nothing to do with the artists and the music they make. I do not make the songs in my videos. This is not the real music video. I did not make the real music video for the band and have not ever recorded with them. I do not own this song. No copyright infringement intended. I do not own this song(s). Video is under Fair

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