Asking Alexandria “The Final Episode” Official Music Video | Director: Robby Starbuck

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Note: information from YouTube
Director: Robby Starbuck Producer/Editor: Robby Starbuck DP/Colorist: Greg Ephraim Production Co: RSM Check out robby’s wife’s band too

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  • irapeafricanpenis says:

    Check my name out fags(:

  • Xlove6for6my6musicX says:

    @yoyodude45 dude, me, being stupid, had to actually listen to that again.xD

  • poppabear675 says:

    @MrBeastieBro yes you’re a pussy but I could’ve guessed that from your handlename. pussy.

  • BlaKieScene says:

    this song has heaps of illusions the lyrics im talking about

  • poppabear675 says:

    @MrBeastieBro yes you’re a pussy but I could’ve guessed that from your handlename. pussy.

  • kathleenkings9602 says:

    Is that Lancasster Or However You Spell His Last Name,
    Or Bettley On Base?

  • TitanGod45623 says:

    This band is cool but BVB is Way Better!

  • Nilsen702 says:

    hit number six.. I WANT A BROWNIE!

  • RonnieeRadkee says:

    @yoyodude45 i HATE when people say that stfu damn THATS FUCKIGN ANNOYING>:l

  • Jestinhall says:

    why do these videos get disliked anyway? if you dont like it then dont dislike just leave and dont come back especially because we dont want to know that 2319 out of 8799846 are a bunch of faggots

  • skinnydiprog3r says:

    @yoyodude45 OMG.. i hate you, now I’ll always hear that

  • deth349 says:

    @RonnieeRadkee Its just comedy chill. lol

  • MultiLexi12 says:

    @TheComebackKid138 i don’t have a crush in danny i just am obsessed with the band.

  • nickomaranzaldo says:

    Remember when there weren’t advertisements at the  the top of the page?

    Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

    Remember when there wasn’t advertisements that never go away?

    Remember you couldn’t have a limit to favorites?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?


    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube riot!

    Thumbs up to keep this at top of the page.

  • zangel0010 says:

    Okay guys. We know that at some points in the song it sounds like Danny says things, that are not actually what they say. Ex.: “1:24Your sister likes my farts a lot!”

    We’ve been saying this for a LONG time. It’s getting old. -.-

  • MultiLexi12 says:

    @SWATknife ur gay ass if u think they r? u shuld get ur d**k cut of 4 saying that Dumb shit.

  • XxTheDarkenedSoulxX says:

    @yoyodude45 now everytime i listen to this song i hear that thanks alot 🙁

  • matthew1245 says:

    Press ‘4’
    Emo hair flip O____O

  • 9hernandez5 says:

    Haha, I was watching this at school on the computer ^^


  • LegendaryRNT says:

    @yoyodude45 hahahahahaha funny as hell xD

  • YAMIL7000 says:

    Gay music

  • Andeh088 says:

    Saw them 3 hours ago, Up until seeing AA live, I didn’t really like them xD

  • snipezism says:

    Asking Alexandria <3

  • TheAnti1337 says:

    Hey, if you guys like AA, you should check out this band ‘Alaska’

  • cambam5050 says:

    my favorite part starts at 3:43 !
    you need a doctor baby , your scared

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