Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren – Unforgivable (Official Music Video)

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Follow Armada Music @ Facebook! Download this videoclip on iTunes! Download ‘Mirage’ on iTunes: Buy the ‘Mirage’ cd on Download ‘Mirage – Extended Versions’ on Beatport: Vote for Armin van Buuren on the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll! Go to Rightafter summer, it’s time for the full ‘Mirage’ album to take over. Inspired and influenced by many different types of music, ‘Mirage’ is more diverse than any other Armin album before. His collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, ‘Not Giving Up On Love’ is a perfect example of that, combining the best of both worlds. Armin:”The Nervo Sisters, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and me met up to write the vocals for ‘Not Giving Up On Love’. I was thrilled to work with them on this. We gave it a more analog feel with some real drums, to give it a pop-rock feel. We also put a piano top line on the track and then the vocals of Sophie, which I think is a win. It’s a lush summer tune with an epic vocal that gets stuck in your head and cheers you up!” ‘Mirage’ is filled with musical fusions and surprising interpretations, from the orchestral masterpiece of title track ‘Mirage’, deep trance track ‘I Don’t Own You’ and housy ‘Feels So Good’ to the eerie ‘Take A Moment’ and feel-good ‘Drowning’. 16 tracks that highlight how Armin has matured as an artist. Mirage is out now! For more info check: http

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  • SLBMKD says:


  • MzLui says:

    @McBobbly LOL :p

  • Protectator says:

    @Thnqu They couldn’t manage to count all the thumbs up.

  • RayCore89 says:

    email me at if you like =)

  • Thnqu says:

    well now that SUCKS ! <3 this song

  • alkarelli says:

    i LOVE this song <3333333 where is the LOVE button and i agree they could never count the thumbs up to this song

  • mjkittredge says:

    I love that moment where she walks in on him and that girl, and he gives her a dismissive glance like “Yeah, I moved on, I’m doing better now, get the fuck out”

  • DJMotionPro says:

    Quiet but very nice song. This song included in my new video remix. Please tell me if you like, Thanks !!!

  • SecondConflict says:


  • NoLifeNoS0ul says:

    “Ratings have been disabled for this video.”
    Cause its just too awesome

  • iRobbertMayne says:

    This saids enough: “Beoordelingen zijn uitgeschakeld voor deze video.

  • Loveeverywhere3 says:

    You say Lady Gaga, I say Evanescence!

    You say Hannah Montana, I say Breaking Benjamin

    You say 50 Cent, I say ATB

    You say Jonas Brothers, I say Creed

    You say Taylor Swift, I say Avril Lavigne

    You say Rihanna, I say Armin Van Buuren!

    You say Justin Bieber, Fk you 🙂

    95% of teens listen to the same styles of music over and over again. If you’re one of the 5% who still listens to real music: thumb this up, then copy and paste it to at least 5 videos. Don’t let the spirit of Trance die!

  • DjCezaar says:

    Check my channel for dubstep, trance, house and others music 😉

  • QUASARA says:

    @Se7enSelador i’m assuming “paul” is PVD. a true god. armin is right up there with the angels. -djQ

  • CoryGeorgeMusic says:

    For those that love to party,Come to my page and check out this club track. It’s really intense. Come and see what happens when club life and “feel good” music comes together on a track.

  • axezoRSVK says:

    /watch?v=9fqhqD8q8H4 Check my trance project 🙂 I mean you like it 🙂

  • specialcase1000 says:

    My interpretation of Myon & Shan54’s remix of “Change Your Mind” by Sunlounger ft.Kyler England


    Your comments are highly appreciated

    DJ MBD

  • stocadg says:

    @Se7enSelador SHUT THE FUCK UP! nothing is fucking dying you moron! ok people lets stop with this retarded coments about trance or wathever dying, its fuckin’ pissing me off so much! if they keep making this kind of music then its because its not dead fucktarded..if you like it, good! keep liking it,nobody is going to die, only you if you keep posting gay coments like this, so STOP please

  • TrekaXxx says:

    @Se7enSelador first of all trance is nowhere near dying so i dont know wat u whinning about and its house thats taking over the mainstream, secon HIPHOP is not dead everyone who thinks hiphop is dead nows absolutly nothing about the real culture, then rock music is way to big to die, hardcore is just an extension of punk and metal, and not all bands suck, and hardcore is not even THAT mainstream, jonas brothers shit is wat really sucks, i know wat u mean but ur information is WACK!

  • Vietney says:


    Like yourself Se7enSelador is just expressing their opinion. If you don’t like a genre then don’t listen to it, simple as that. No need to be angry because someone has a different opinion. Just enjoy the music.

  • stocadg says:

    @Vietney i didnt said that i dont like a genre or something like that.. i love almost of kinds of music.. but i just dont like when people star to say that their genre is dying or whatever shit … its ridiculous, every fuckin trance video i click there is this godamn type of coment

  • stocadg says:

    @SharlaAdrienfp646 how can i translate this, if you wrote wrongly ?

  • FlentMan says:

    Should be longer

  • NonDresscodeMusic says:

    @Se7enSelador Wtf man ? Lol Dubstep and happy hardcore is good music trance is too! Hardcore is here for long time… Its alternative, not comercial stuff… Thats the diffrents. If you need to know who is the king of sample made music there is allways The Prodigy… Frist listen to music on witch you feel need too spit! And after all if people like more one bend than the other that is not killing other one.. There is lots of good bands that nobady heard for.. But they still play same stuff.

  • deathofangel789 says:

    trnace sucks crunkcore sucks this wave of electronic music i don’t know how to call it sucks, dubstep it’s the only good electro genere and that’s because it has great breakdowns adn it’s very bizzare the only bad thing of that it’s that the fucking hipsters listen to it, so i stay with the hardcore and punk music, oh and by the way i didn’t know what was this, swifty liked this, i don’t know why

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