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The debut music video from Animals As Leaders, directed by Scott Hansen ( . From their self-titled debut, out now on Prosthetic Records. Buy It Now:

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    Sick!!! Love Tosin. Check out THE INTERBEING

  • checkyourvitalsigns says:

    @ChainsawVsGod just watch the tab, its just the tapping. he plays the same riff over and over again. thats not creative and not intelligent. it doesnt even have a good melody. i like it anyway cause its entertaining

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    HaHa. Your a fucking idiot. What about the crazy sweeps at the starts? The constant time signature changes. The beautiful clean melody. (And I think the tapping riff has a superb melody by the way) And the solo is also one of the most stunning I have ever heard. And the tapping that comes in at 2:30. Idiots with no musical intelligence like you can only dream of ever creating or even playing anything as good as this. Now fuck off back to avenged sevenfold or Nickleback.

  • Built4Sin666 says:

    @checkyourvitalsigns haha your a joke if you say this isnt creative every song in the world almost repeats a riff a time or two its called a chours but o ya i forgot they say tosin is an amazing guitar player cause he is entertaining go play in some traffic man do us all a favor

  • tehpeasant says:

    i think the second guitar isnt loud enough

  • voodoohaze says:

    I like how he incorporates bass playing techniques into his playing style. Very creative. Sounds awesome. The album is great. Chimp Spanner is another artist to check out if you like Animals As Leaders.

  • checkyourvitalsigns says:

    @ChainsawVsGod haha you tell me whats musical intelligence. i play guitar and drums since 12 years and believe me i know a lot about music. but thats not what i was talking about. i can show you 50 bands that got songs with more crazy sweeps and clean parts like these. the only thing what is really stunning you is that its just hard to play and you cant imagine that you will ever be able to play this.

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    Name me 3 bands with crazier sweeping or clean parts than this then?

  • checkyourvitalsigns says:

    @Built4Sin666 i didnt say that the song isnt creative. i just said that it isnt creative to repeat the same tapping over and over. just read properly and think about it. you may be able to understand what i mean then. and i know that tosin is an amazing guitar player.

  • TJGuitarVids says:


    Pocketful of Claptonite.
    Behold… The Arctopus.
    Shawn Lane.
    Andy James.

    Nothing wrong with AAL though.

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    Some of the worst names for bands I have ever heard in my life. I’l check them out though.

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    Not youtube or Metal archives has ever heard of pocketful of claptonite. I checked out behold the arctopus. Possibly the most awful shite I have ever heard in my life. Something a 15 year old would write. I checked out Shawn Lane. Seems like an excellent guitarist with a lot of feeling. Cacophany are good but not a 10th as good or as technical as AAL. Just fucking shred. I watched an Andy James Vid. That guy was fucking amazing. But he shreds. Abasi doesnt.

  • TJGuitarVids says:


    You might want to look up Stanley Jordan too, most of this guy’s polyrhythmic fingerpicking and tapping bits are based on very earlier stanley jordan work. But Tosin has put the ideas to use in a more popular format.

    Stanley Jordan’s instructional is one of the only places you can find demos of this, but he did use it very very sparingly in some earlier recordings

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    I have seen that one popular Stanley Jordan vid and was blown the fuck away by it. I’d like to check out more of his stuff but it can be harder to get a hold of than most underground metal cds.

  • eduardomazza says:

    .-/// Я∆DﺍЮПL×¢MΞTΔL \\\-. <—- copy and paste on FACEBOOK and become FAN \m/

  • Bobbysdigital says:

    Epicness at it’s best!!!

  • checkyourvitalsigns says:

    the contortionist (eyes: closed)
    genocide of prescription (fast doom kill terror)
    hiroshima will burn (black death)
    son of aurelius (the first, the serpent)
    the faceless (the ancient covenant)
    all shall perish (so far away)

    …playing fast is not necessarily better than playing slow by the way

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    Checked them all out. 1st one was an bloody excellent song apart from the emo screaming parts.2nd was fucking atrocious deathcore bullshit. 3rd was pretty cool, for a deathcore song anyway. 4th was pretty cool too. 5th was a bit devoid of any feeling but pretty technical. And 6th is just shred. Anyone who’s been playing guitar for about 4 years can shred brilliantly. In conclusion none of the songs you reccommended come anywhere close to AAL feeling, technicality or beauty.

  • MrDinosaurface says:

    Still sends shivers down my spine

  • checkyourvitalsigns says:

    @ChainsawVsGod i didnt expect you to like one of that songs more than this one. and even if you would do anyway you would never actually tell me that because then you would agree with me and you don’t want to.

  • RxMinus says:

    15 people gor molested by aliens.

  • ChainsawVsGod says:

    Whoah whoah whoad man. Ok
    1: I admit I was rude at the start of this argument and I regret that because you seem like a cool guy. so apologies for that.
    2: I actually did like a few of those songs, the contortionist one in particular, as I said in my comment. I just didn’t think they were anywhere near as good, technical or inventive as this song.
    3: I’m not immature. If I agree with you on a point, even If I don’t want to, I will. I’m afraid I just don’t.

  • SwirlyBrokenHearts says:

    its good and all but when i get my 8 string guitar i will definitely not be playing progressive metal, ill keep all the distortion up, no cleans and write breakdowns, im not too impressed about this though doesnt..doesnt do anything for me (and yes i sat here and listened to the whole thing) i rate it about 7.5/10 though id like to see more deathcore on 8 string guitar instead of Djent/progressive cus that shit is getting annoying

  • 3DAperture says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts So you want to see a guitarist as talented as Tosin Abasi play open chords over and over again instead of actually doing something that takes skill? Cool, man…

  • PhilSustain says:

    @SwirlyBrokenHearts You definitly don’t need an 8-String for writing Breakdowns and being “Deathcore”.. Those are called “Extended Range Guitars” and not “Only play the 8th-String-Instruments”. Buying a 6 or 7-string should be enough.

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