Amazing Young Singers Perform Musical Mashup

Amazing Young Singers Perform Musical Mashup(video) \ Performers aged 7-15 pay tribute to some of the best musicals through the decades in this medley. . If you love musical theatre, please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE….

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  • Becky Walsh says:

    Adrianna, Lara, Tillie and Maddie stood out for me

  • Diego Jimenez says:

    Adrianna Bertola!!

  • Maddison Andrews says:

    SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edie CT says:

    Who is the girl sitting between Lara and Tilllie with the pig tails?

  • Eleanor Mary says:

    Wow they are so amazing and talented. Wish I can sing as good as these

  • woowoolip says:

    omg this deserves a standing ovation . im captivated! i so wanna join but
    im 19 and do not live in london 

  • Sarah Klein says:

    I love this so much! Great job!

  • Kids Casting Call Pro says:

    May Medley #Workshop #video from Spirit YPC featuring a few of #KidsCCP
    members! Aren’t they amazing?! 🙂 #RT

  • Lizzy Fedie says:

    Who is the girl that sang the Phantom of the Opera solo?

  • b_t_miner says:

    Wow just wow.

  • larissa okamba says:

    Love youuu guys!! Sooo good! Please, Please do more of those musical
    mashups!!!!! Or just of one or two musicals! Great job, greetings from the
    Netherlands :)

  • GingerBeerTea says:

    Sooo amazing! Just made my day <3

  • Holly Potter says:

    Wow so talented!

  • Milly Beans says:

    “And that’s not RIGHT!!” – LOVED that bit, wish I’d seen Lara as Matilda.
    Also love ‘Think of Me’, ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘Hard Knock Life’, ‘Solidarity’ and SO
    many other bits!

  • adrac1 says:

    Many songs form this medley are somehow connected with important events of
    my life. So every time watching it is like a journey through my own past.
    And that, of course, adds so many more feelings… *My highly hope is that
    all these children, in far, far future, will remember being a part of
    something huge, something they put their hearts into and a lot of hard
    work, too.* Thank you Sophie for finding me. Without it I’d probably miss
    all these beautiful voices and radiant faces of a very talented young
    beings <3

  • Milly Beans says:

    I love watching this company go from strength to strength. This brought
    tears to my eyes. A lot of recognisable faces in there as well!!! Hard to
    pick a favourite moment… I will have to watch again.

  • Zoe Foster says:

    Who was the girl who sang the solo in the sound of music part?

  • Olivia hall says:

    This is just amazing! So much talent in one video🌸 Really love all the
    songs and everything just worked so smoothly and perfectly! Amazing job

  • Robyn Bushell says:

    Love it!!! It’s soooooo cool!! Xxx

  • Linda Clark says:

    So far I see three people in this group who were in Matilda. Ella Yard
    played Lavender, and both Adrianna Bertola and Lara Wollington played
    Matilda. Wow! 

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