amazing recycled paper guitar in “Sunset in Santorini”

amazing recycled paper guitar in (video) \ First in world guitar made all (except fingerboard (wood) ) from used paper. All the body …also the soundboard and the neck is made from paper. This guitar is not 100% ready yet,have some little problem in fingerboard… I make real music instruments (violin,cello,guitar,etc ..) from used and recycled alternative material (paper,cloth ,jeans-denim,synthetic leather…etc..).and i sell it …in… My musical instruments are made entirely and all , from paper and textiles – fabric and there are not a wooden musical instruments , coated from paper or textiles – fabric.

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  • PMANOY says:

    Great work! The Guitar’s sound it’s very good and has nothing to envy from a wood made guitar! Excellent work! I like the music too! Mr Svintridis seems to be a great composer! Keep going…  We are waiting more from you in the near future, i’ m sure!

    Prof. M.

  • apapaso says:

    Great work! Nice sound! beautiful music!

  • anomalosiuiu90 says:

    teleio megale

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