A song made out of water.

A song made out of water.(video) \ Download this song for free if you share on Facebook or Twitter 🙂 https:// Subscribe / follow …

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  • th2otaku says:

    The reason for the water charity act xDDD w/e this is still cool as ice Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

  • supersushipizza says:

    I really enjoyed that 🙂 Awesome as usual!

    My dog, however, had an issue with the drips and wouldn’t stop barking. Geeeez, calm down, dog.

  • zizzdude says:

    awesome! reminds me of Dripsody. 🙂

  • Blueper Duper says:

    You have a great voice 

  • DashOfStupid says:

    I think a fire song would be pretty awesome, or a song using the sounds of wind/air

  • michelle rubio says:

    true artist 🙂

  • Davin Freeman says:

    impressive. Now use fire!

  • debit13 says:

    Is there anything you can’t do, Andrew?

  • Dougal Skanes says:

    its actually all paper..not much more to a book than that..”oh what about hard cover books” a stack of paper makes the same sound as a hard cover book when you hit, or drop it…so what differnet sounds is he gonna get from a book that he cant from paper on its own? ps pages and cover are all a book are..so what is the “whatever” referring to? I only made this comment because you chose not to admit you were wrong…dont act like you know things when you havent even thought about them..H.A.G.D 😀

  • Ayathewingedawesome says:

    Make a song that activates the sense of smell?

  • Joseph Dantzler says:

    Why are all of the suggestions to this song little kids songs?

  • Beau Tatum says:

    Wow! Now THAT’S impressive. I’ve always liked artists like Noisestorm who use a liquidy-sounding bass, but I’ve never seen anyone literally make an entire song out of water noises in this way.

  • paperstarjar says:

    Also, saying mean things like “I only made this comment because you chose not to admit you were wrong” and then tacking on letters like H.A.G.D. doesn’t make it a friendly message. It’s still mean. I never said I wan’t wrong. Ug, why am I even bothering to say this to a person who says HAGD instead of “have a good day”???

  • Michael Van Rensburg says:


  • Joseph Dantzler says:

    Love the beach part!

  • Harmon Whan says:

    CHALLENGE: Make a chiptune about popular video games!

  • gunraykilla says:

    Its not KVLT enough.

  • MixedRhythm says:

    The Bible?

    Naw, that’s perhaps a bit controversial. Maybe something like ‘A Journey’, Tony Blair’s pretentiously titled autobiography.

  • paperstarjar says:

    Even if it’s all technically paper, a giant sheet of paper makes totally different sounds than the builk of a book. Thank’s for nit-picking and and telling me I don’t think about things you couldn’t possibly know. If you were in my head, and were tracking my thoughts MAYBE you would know, but until thats happening, back off dude. Be nice or leave. It’s squares and rectangles. A square is a rectangle but not the reverse. Same for books and paper. I genuinely think the sounds would be amazing.

  • adorablebluemonster1 says:

    I listened to this too much that I memorized the lyrics. But I keep accidentally saying “Two bottles of water”..

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