3rd Stratosphere – Light Up (Christmas Lyric Video)

3rd Stratosphere - Light Up (Christmas Lyric Video)(video) \ (don’t forget to click the icon for “HD” quality) “LIGHT UP” Stars shine bright for you And all of Heaven knew All the world would see that You came to set them free I don’t understand why You came to man So fallen from your grace So far from faith I believe, I believe So light up, light up So light up, light up He is hope He is peace He’s the light in you and me So light up, light up in me Faith, hope and love That was sent from up above What a gift Heaven gave On that Christmas Day We will shout And we will sing Praises to the New born King In me…Heyyyy Light up in me (3 x’s) © Recorded @ Puppy Rock Studios (2012) Mixed & Mastered By: Tim Schwindt @ River Music Productions (2013) Video Produced By: Neil & Donna Root (2013) ((Special Thanks)) To: “Jeff” @ “Church Motion Graphics” for a

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