✔America’s Got Talent 2013 Audition Amazing Song â™” Home Video Auditions – X Factor, The Voice USA

✔America's Got Talent 2013 Audition Amazing Song â™” Home Video Auditions  - X Factor, The Voice USA(video) \ America’s Got Talent 2013 New â™” ✔An amazing song from the musical (America’s Got Talent music video 2013 auditions.The X Factor The Voice (USA) Thank you to…

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  • 112makim says:

    Hi Viktoriya.
    It’s really a wonderful performance.I’m stunned by your song and voice.Good luck to you and Plz keep on singing for us.Makim.

  • bibimarlou says:

    Oh I love this song, you sing it so very WONDERFUL !!!!!!

  • kacevonhowling says:

    I fell deeply in love with your voice. Please never stop singing. <3

  • 1monayoussef says:

    You have very beautiful and strong voice Viktoriya and I hope those who do not like it, just stop watching and stop marking dislike, it is so unthoughtful of them. I wish you a bright future my dear.

  • AdemPresley says:

    Excellent job ********

  • BeUnotATVrobot says:

    You sound so great but I can’t help feeling you’re trying too hard or maybe I’m just being picky but thanks so much for sharing and best of luck to you!

  • Guitarlots says:

    I always loved this song … brings back many memories with family and friends who are no longer with us, but only in my faded dreams

  • Alla218 says:

    You have a beautiful voice and the lyrics gives inspiration! Every person which brings to the world is goodness and love deserves respect! Let the dreams come true!

  • choicy1616 says:

    Thanks for this unbelievable song and respect.. i believe in her belief..

  • 4marzus says:

    beautiful :)))

  • loveandskills says:

    I love this song.Im glad you sanged it <3!You nailed that high note <3!

  • Tadeusz Piotrowski says:

    Excellent performance and beautiful cover !
    Bravo !

  • 08Luquinha says:

    Beautiful performance, great song, thanks for sharing !

  • Alexandervivelamusic says:

    VIKTORIYA,aca le doy mis felicitaciones por este y los otras bellisimas interpretaciones!!!Bendiciones.Alex

  • HechaenCuba says:

    I Like *****

  • 7lizet says:

    I have always liked this song, I also like the french version of Jacques Brel a lot
    you have a great voice very high also
    I really love your folklore picture on your icon on your site
    it reminds me a bit of the artist Frida Kahlo she always wore
    mexican folklore
    I know you are russian and I think russian folklore is very beautifull

  • Lukov Kroviztach says:

    VIKTORIA, You have a Lovely voice my dear. I hear that you are holding back. Do not hold back. It is inside of you! It is trying to burst through. Believe in yourself my dear and you will Amaze us all!!!

  • AshHaze27 says:

    What a wonderful voice. You always dazzle and charm. As the ITALIANOS say…”BRILLIENTE”

  • Elena Cristina Hristea says:

    Hello, Viktoriya! Great for us!

  • Nuova Luce says:

    Dear Viktoriya, wonderful, emotional singing! I wish you to reach this impossible dream!:-) Thanks for posting and sharing.

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