Александр Рыбак – “Небеса Европы” (Official Music Video)

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This is the Russian version of “Europe’s Skies”, the second single from the the newest album “No Boundaries”. “Europe’s Skies” on iTunes: itunes.apple.com Check out Alexander on Facebook! facebook.com Check out the channel for vlogs, clips from concerts and other videos *** â„— 2010 Alexander Rybak

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  • CrossfirePserver says:

    Я люблю эту песню

  • Galina620 says:

    Он точно похож на Йена Сомерхолдера

  • LaLunaEspanola says:

    @Galina620 xD i think so too =D

  • LaLunaEspanola says:

    hey, i really liked to know the text of this song and what its about, but i only know “ya lyublyu tebya” in russian =). can anyone tell me, what this song is about?

  • InspecteurJavert says:

    @LaLunaEspanola Hey! My Russian’s not that good yet, but here’s a general idea. Someone please correct me!

    Once again the sky calls me on the road
    My heart in my chest sings as a violin
    and walking along the boulevards of the capital
    London, Oslo, Berlin, Moscow
    I sing and live for you

    Europe’s heavens weep rain
    This means that you are still waiting for me
    Far, far away through night and day
    My heart is in your sky

  • InspecteurJavert says:

    Cities and countries as if at a theater
    I’m wearing a backpack on my back
    Music became my destiny
    My heart flies after you
    Warsaw, Kiev, and Amsterdam,
    I give my heart to you

    Europe’s heavens weep rain
    This means that you are still waiting for me
    Far, far away through night and day
    My heart is in your sky

  • LaLunaEspanola says:

    @InspecteurJavert oh, thank you very, very much!!! =D

  • 42855001 says:

    everyone judges the Russian language as a dirty swearing language
    but this song right here proves how beautiful it really is
    forever Russian:)

  • XDboo says:

    @42855001 shut up vania, you suck balls
    u suck at swimming

  • loverMusic65Princesz says:

    i rlly prefer his voice in russian, better than in english and.. i love how he plays with the musical instrument.

  • Daringa says:

    So much better in Russian, in English his voice just sounds unnatural, like he is straining to match the accent. I suppose he could sound the same in Russian, but as I can’t speak Russian I defiantly don’t pick up on it.

  • Liducha008 says:

    Prosta Klassna 😀 … ja perwi ras sliaschola etu pesnu po angliski …. noi eto prosto super 😀

  • TheNowhereman9 says:

    po russki luchshe zvuchit:))))))))))

  • hockeyalchemist says:

    Я люблю тебя Александр!

  • misha231 says:

    Wow, sounds beautiful in Russian! I love it! What a nice language.

  • smallblueangel123 says:

    i know russian and english and i think the 1 in russian is way better … and im from ireland from latvia but i only know russian and english and i have lived here in ireland for 10 years and im only 11 !! i love him ,,,

  • Bolidiosevyin says:

    I had to left Russia and everytime i hear this song i feel at home ! спасибо !!!

  • rurik11 says:

    “Europe’s Skies” is english version of “Небеса Европы” ; ))))

  • wolf6192 says:

    I love listening to Alex sing in Russian 😀

  • Dianefdez says:

    What language is this? Thanks

  • Shizuka17 says:

    @hockeyalchemist You said it! [I am so glad I could read it! I’m trying to learn Russian so it makes me happy when I can read it.]

  • hockeyalchemist says:

    no problem friend ^^

  • Animaluver1612 says:

    po russki luchshe zvuchit:) Ya tebya lublu Alexander

  • rurik11 says:

    more nice like in english language

  • KYRA5682 says:

    @wolf6192 russian

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