LYRICS Database Added To

Our LYRICS Database is now “live”

Click on the above link, or select the permanent link in our Right Sidebar under the “PAGES” subtitle .. To return back to the blog, click the top left link called “BLOG HOME” to return back to here.


Welcome .. We have a database of 166,899 song lyrics — growing daily. Our database of lyrics consists of several popular genres and ages of music, including several that are also a little less popular or less well known. To start browsing our database, you can enter your search keywords above, or select a letter below.

Feel free to submit new songs and lyrics and our Lyrics Department (i.e. HART) will review your submission and add the new lyrics to our database! And, if there are any corrections .. also feel free to submit corrections, if known.

I should mention that I am not a PHP programmer, and it has taken me a while to get a basic script to work and being able to access this database .. YES – I know it’s not fancy .. but, I will be making modifications as I go along .. I’m also learning PHP as I am tweaking the templates.

My goal is to integrate this lyrics database completely into this blog and domain before 2007 comes .. in conjunction with our categories and other ongoing information in this blog.

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